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Calling all heroes! Spiderman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman and the Caped Crusader himself, Batman! All the guests will be invited to attend your childs party dressed as a superhero! At the party your child will be the best superhero and will be given special powers. This party is fast-paced, energetic and task-driven. All the superheroes will have to complete tasks to get them to the next level, they will collect stickers for each level completed – this is a wonderful storytelling and teamwork focussed party! After the food each superhero will make their own superhero mask. The focus of all our parties is drama, dance and singing and we reserve drama and stage combat for the Superheroes. Once parents and carers arrive your child and their guests will demonstrate their best swashbuckling moves!

Age suitability: 5 – 12 years (tailored to your childs age group)
Gender: Both but most popular with boys.
Time: 2 hours includes set up and exit
Cost: £135 for one host. £180 for two hosts. Hosts will arrive as a superhero and have all the artwork to make masks.
Guest list Up to 15 guests = one host. 16 -25 guests = two hosts.

The personal touch: Footlights hosts will help set up and clear away at your venue so you can have a stress free experience.

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