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Mad Scientists

These two crazy scientists will have your birthday child and their guests squealing with laughter! The Mad Scientists Frank and Shelly are not just scientists but a comedy duo –they encourage the guests to help them save the world from destruction. They will demonstrate experiments, take the children on a journey of exploration and get everyone involved in their crazy master plan to save the world. The birthday girls and boys will be the main characters, and heroes and heroines in this problem-solving drama. To save the day the children will have to learn a dance routine to create energy which of course will ultimately save the world. We need notification on booking of your childs favourite current song.

Age suitability: 7 – 12 years (tailored to your child’s age group)
Gender: Boys and girls
Time:  2 hours includes set up and exit
Cost: £175, only available as a two host party.
Guest list: Up to 25 guests.

The personal touch: Footlights hosts will help set up and clear away at your venue so you can have a stress free experience.

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