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Crime Scene Investigates

In this exciting ‘Who Dunnit?’ the crime scene will already be set up as guests arrive, the body cut out, the crime tape around it… the birthday child and their guest will then take part in Crime Scene drama games to get everyone in the mood. We will send pre-set character names/clues/costume ideas to you for each guest at minimum 2 weeks before the party. As the story unfolds, each guest will be questioned about their whereabouts at the time of the crime. There will be a photo opportunity at the end for parents and carers, and certificates will be issued for ‘Super Sleuths’, however everyone will receive a certificate with their name and their character name.

Age suitability: 7 – 13 years (tailored to your child’s age group)
Gender: Boys and girls
Time: 2 hours includes set up and exit
Cost:  £125 for one host, £175 for two host.
Guest list: Up to 15 guests = one host. 16 -25 guests = two hosts.

The personal touch: Footlights hosts will help set up and clear away at your venue so you can have a stress free experience

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