Leon Pietrzak

Head of CSE & Cyber E-Safety

For urgent advice or signposting email Leon@footlightstheatre.co.uk  or call 0161 713 3026

Is your school doing enough? Why not contact Leon who can deal with all your #sexting #consent #grooming #esafety #gaming #apps #parentalcontrols and pretty much everything on the internet to keep your child, teen or pupils #safe

“The workshop on ‘Sexting’ was so thought-provoking and had the young people sitting on the edge of their seats with the way it was delivered by Leon” Stockport Academy Designed Safeguarding Lead October 2017

Leon’s E-Safety workshops were outstanding and the children keep asking when will he be back to do more . ICT Lead Manchester School 2017

“I thought an e-safety awareness session was going to be boring, but Leon was so friendly and engaging the session turned out to be not long enough for me”. Parent Salford Primary School. November 2017

Leon is the Education and Community Manager here at Footlights. He is responsible for delivering specialist education around E-Safety and Child Sexual Exploitation in schools, agencies and businesses,  he really is our Cyber Superhero Traffords cyber safety expert sent to us for five years from Trafford Housing Trust. Leon works around Greater Manchester and the UK WIDE.  Leon has over 20 years of experience of working with children and young people, both nationally and internationally, he is also excellent at delivering awareness workshops to staff and parents – which both educate and shock!

During the past two years he has expanded across Greater Manchester and UK wide. He provides education for parents, school pupils, teachers, senior managers and businesses alike.

Leon provides education on:
• E- Safety
• Sexting and the law and consent
• New Apps to watch out for
• Managing kids digital devices – parental controls
• Social Media/Messaging safety and privacy
• A Digital Footprint – What others see about you and your family online
• Protecting your child from adult content – strangers online
• Cyber bullying – online stalking
• Balancing your child’s screen time
• Avoiding online scams – Virus’s
• Online gaming issues
• Getting on board with your child’s digital world
• Resources to help students and adults

Child Sexual Exploitation (From PACE)
Adolescence is a time of experimentation and can be a particularly challenging period for parents and their children. Most parents understand the value of young people learning about themselves through new experiences, but also want to protect their child from harm.
There could be cause for concern if your child is exhibiting three or more of the following warning signs:

• He or she becomes especially secretive and stops engaging with their usual friends. They may be particularly prone to sharp mood swings; many parents come to Pace reporting that their child seems to have acquired an entirely different personality. Whilst mood swings are common to all adolescents, it is the severity of behavior change that is most indicative.

• They may be associating with, or develop a sexual relationship with older men and/or women (although bear in mind that the perpetrators could approach the child through a peer from school who is already being exploited, or through the youngest member of the grooming network).

• They may go missing from home – and be defensive about their location and activities, often returning home late or staying out all night (again, perpetrators know that parents will immediately suspect something is wrong if their child stays out all night, so they may initially drop the child off at the home address and before their curfew. They may even pick them up outside the school gates).

•They may receive odd calls and messages on their mobiles or social media pages from unknown, possibly much older associates from outside their normal social network

•They may be in possession of new, expensive items which they couldn’t normally afford, such as mobile phones, iPods or jewellery

Your child may also:
• Exhibit a sudden change in dressing patterns or musical taste
• Look tired and/or unwell, and sleep at unusual hours
• Have marks or scars on their body which they try to conceal
• Adopt new ‘street language’ or respond to a new street name

CSE perpetrators are both skilled and strategic; they aim to drive a wedge between you and your child, closing down the normal channels of communication and emotional bond between you.

Contact Leon now for further information or speak to Aaron on 0161 637 5858 or email aaron@footlightstheatre.co.uk