Leon Pietrzak

Head of Education and Community

I am the Education and Community Manager here at Footlights Theatre Schools. I have been in post for just over 12 months and have responsibility for programmes designed with early intervention prevention as a focus. His role involves developing curriculum based work and conducting research to ensure the programmes we offer are fresh and in line with current thinking. I liaise with senior council members, head teachers, teachers, subject leads, safeguarding leads and community leaders in promoting and tackling key issues children and young people face daily. I sit on several strategic groups who support our work and through developing educational interactive workshops, dramas   and other activities to highlight the risks and support available around these issues. I present our findings and results through comprehensive evaluation to various action groups and source funding where possible.  I have over 20 years of experience of working with children and young people, both nationally and internationally. I volunteer for a couple of charities and support a local youth club when available. As a youth worker I have obtained  a vast array of qualifications that directly relate to my work areas and allow me to stay on top of the latest research and developments.

My focus within Footlights is to grow our Schools and Community programmes through the packages that we have been endorsed to deliver by local safeguarding Boards, Greater Manchester Police and various other steering groups. Our work in early intervention currently includes Child Sexual Exploitation, Online Safety, Bullying, Domestic Abuse, Hate Crime, Racism, Prevent Agenda, Health and Wellbeing to name but a few.