The most talked about play for high schools this year

A BRAND NEW PLAY FOR 2016/2017 about Child Sexual Exploitation and Domestic Abuse for high schools.

This hard hitting play explodes into high schools, although written for KS4 upwards, some schools feel it necessary for KS3.The play is written from real stories about CSE. Marnie the central character gets caught up in a world of prostitution after being lured by fast cars and money from a man she feels is the only person in the world who cares. Josh trust his friends but suddenly finds out they are not what appear to be and after sharing information fins himself in a very tricky situation. This play is real, the characters are age specific which we have found has the most shock value for the audience. Some scenes are uncomfortable to watch, and we assure you we use appropriate language and zero nudity. However due to the sheer age of the actors and the content, that alone will have your pupils thinking twice about their choices outside of school.

Book our Theatre in Education play and get a half day interactive workshop with KS3 and KS4 (up to 300 pupils) at ZERO COST to your school alongside the performance.

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What's the play about?
Invisible is a professional production about Child Sexual Exploitation and Domestic Abuse. The story is based on true life experiences.

The play follows two central characters, Josh and Marnie, who find themselves somehow connected to an abusive relationship. After a rocky childhood with her mother and stepfather, 14 year old Marnie finds herself falling for a man much older than herself. He has everything she ever dreamt of – money, power and what’s more, he adores her. Josh is finding it hard to be accepted, but he finds solace in his new best friend until Josh receives that dreaded text that many young people hope to avoid.

As an audience, we observe the emotional and physical journey each character takes as they try to set themselves or others free. Invisible also highlights other issues such as sextortion, child sexual exploitation, domestic abuse and peer pressure.

Whilst these themes are embedded, there is hope, as we observe the characters learning how to deal and cope with their circumstances.

How does it work in our school?
Aimed at KS3 and KS4, the performance by professional actors last 60 minutes with hot seating of the characters for a further 30 minutes. We will perform for all year groups at your discretion (up to 300 pupils).

We offer quality teaching and learning and feel that combining the performance with discussion this enhances their overall learning experience. The package includes an additional interactive workshops of up to three house or training at ZERO COST to your school.

What does our school need to provide?

All we need is an empty hall, we bring everything else.

How do we book and what's the cost?
Complete the enquiryform on this page
Call 0161 637 5858
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The cost is £475 + vat for the performance and hot seating – 90 minutes in duration for all of KS3 and KS4 (up to 300 pupils).

Included within this cost is a three hour interactive workshop on Internet Safety with our CEOP-trained Education Ambassador and Education Manager Leon Pietrzak.

Offered separately to the performance, this can be targeted at a specific year group, covering an area of particular relevance, or used to offer parent/guardian training or staff training.

Current interactive classroom or hall-based workshops with our specialist team are:

  • Child Sexual Exploitation Online grooming, sharing content, how it happens?
  • Domestic Abuse Awareness Healthy relationships, harmful behaviour.
  • Hate Crime Equality and diversity, racism, homophobia.
  • Radicalisation and Extremism What is it? How does it happen? How to deal with it and prevent it.
  • Revenge Porn Online relationships, trust, the facts
  • Sexting and the Law Sharing, being a bystander, consequences.

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