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If we can grow by 300% during a recession imagine what we can achieve during a BOOM!


Please see more information here at dedicated website.http://franchise.footlightstheatre.org/

Always wanted to run your own business yet be of a team?  A franchise business model that can work around your family, school holidays and commitments.  We have been established 13 years and have a proven track record in successful franchisees. We provide a tailor made training package for you to ensure you reach your full potential. Our head office is based in Media City and we have our own custom built theatre and training room at Footlights House, M50 2GL

Telephone now: 0161 713 3026 or email franchise@footlightstheatre.co.uk

Read the full story here read more here http://franchise.footlightstheatre.org/

Make our Business Your Business.

British Franchising Association Associate Footlights is a proud member of the British Franchising Association so you can be assured we offer substantial training packages and a solid business model built on need and reputation.

Please see more information here at dedicated website.thttp://franchise.footlightstheatre.org/



British Franchising Association Associate