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Curriculum Based, After School, PPA & Enrichment

You can feel secure in the knowledge that award winning Footlights will deliver stimulating and educational drama, dance, singing and art classes that will unlock children’s imaginations, engage them and help them with transferable skills such as teamwork and mutual support, as well as improve their confidence and raise their aspirations.

Footlights enriches your curriculum with subjects that not only appear to be ‘fun’ to do, but that have genuine educational value. By teaching your children about literature and music, we must also discuss history, as it gives the play or song its real historical context. We also have to address timing and counting, which engages them in numeracy. We cover many cross-curricular topics and skills, however our focus is on a practical, physical approach to learning which in turn will complement core subjects.

We tailor classes to the individual needs of the school and, where possible, we ensure that there is a link with National Curriculum requirements. As Footlights has a team of professional teachers on its planning team, we can provide schemes of work which your tutors may use and cross reference to the National Curriculum. We also offer evaluations and can provide written feedback, video evaluations, viva voce and photographs at your request, so children and young people can be accredited for their work.

We can come into school for a full school year, one term or weekly. We can provide curricular activities for the whole year group or for a specialist group (gifted and talented or underprivileged). Whichever you decide, we ensure our provision is optimised to suit your school and your pupils.

I have known Jo for over 5 years and during that time have had the opportunity to witness first-hand the excellent work she and her team are doing at Footlights. Footlights offers opportunities for children to experience the arts in a safe, creative and friendly environment and equips them with many of the necessary tools they need in other areas of their lives. Jo is absolutely committed to creating high quality creative learning opportunities for children and young people through the arts and the results she produces are consistently impressive.

Baroness Hughes

House of Lords (Former Minister For Children)

The Teaching Teams

Emails schools@footlightstheatre.co.uk or call 0161 637 5858 to speak to one of the team.

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